(102) Artefact

Build, don ́t talk is an exhibition cycle that focuses on the process of architectural design, as the act of making.
Through the exhibition of the work of an emerging Portuguese studio based on the processual elements that are at the origin of
its architectural speculation, this exhibition aims to reveal some methods and instruments of the architectural design, regardless
of often showing distinct decisions as the ones materialized on the final architectural work.
Based on refined conceptual models - as a practice of investigating spatial solutions - and on subtle more or less abstract
photographic images/collages - as the intentionality of formalizing the real to become -, the atelier M-AO, based in Guimarães, is
invited to share at the Gallery of Architecture its sublime way of doing, with the intention of building a dialogue open to the
public that can contribute to disciplinary understanding and enhancement.

— Galeria de Arquitectura
Gallery of Architecture Andreia Garcia e Diogo Aguiar
Contributors to this exhibition Martins Architecture Office, José Martins, Eva Martins, Miguel Pereira
Graphic Design And Atelier, João Araújo e Rita Huet
Exhibition Photography Tiago Casanova